Weight Loss

Weight Loss

While the majority of Americans express a significant interest in shedding pounds and gaining a healthier body, it can be a difficult task to accomplish. Although a healthy, balanced diet and a regular allotment of physical activity are the most common ways to lose weight, for some, these lifestyle changes alone just aren’t enough. While we may lose some weight over time, we may still find stubborn body fat that sticks around despite all our best efforts. If you are dealing with unwanted body fat and are looking for ways to rid yourself of the excess bulges once and for all, we have a variety of body contouring options to help you achieve a more ideal body.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

If you are looking to remove bulges from around the back, stomach, hips or thighs while also keeping skin tight and firm, you don’t have to opt for invasive cosmetic procedures to get the results you want. One option is lipotherme, which employs a laser that uses heat to break down and liquefy body fat. Furthermore, the thermal effects of this treatment also promise that the skin remains smooth and tight after fat has been removed.

This treatment requires inserting a thin tube under the skin of the targeted zones and directing a laser through the tube to break up fat. However, since lipotherm is minimally invasive and only requires a numbing agent, there is less recovery time and post-procedural side effects.

We also offer water-jet assisted liposuction, which directs a steady stream of saline through a small tube to help dislodge the fat and eliminate fat cells. Then we will use a light suction to remove the fat. While bruising and swelling are common side effects, because this treatment isn’t invasive patients can often return to their normal routine after a couple days.

Conservative Treatments

If you wish to refrain from cosmetic treatments but you still want to get a more toned body, we offer a variety of different weight loss programs that are catered to fit your individual needs. Along with these unique programs we also offer nutritional counseling, medication and injections that could help get you on the right path to a thinner, healthier you. You don’t have to do this alone, and we have just the program to make losing weight a little easier.

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