Non Surgical Weight Loss

Non Surgical Weight Loss

Non Surgical Weight Loss Greenbelt, MDAre you looking for a non-surgical weight loss option? Do you live in the Greenbelt, MD area? You can get the body you've always wanted without surgery, needles, or downtime. Most overweight patients are candidates for non-surgical methods of weight reduction. Aurora Wellness, which is located in Greenbelt, MD, offers non-surgical weight loss options to their patients. Here are three non-surgical weight loss options that you should know about.

Bariatric Balloon

Gastric balloons offer a reversible, incision-free approach to weight loss in overweight and obese people. An inflated silicon balloon is left in the stomach for 6 months following the gastric balloon procedure. The point is to decrease the amount of space available for food. As a result, you will feel sooner while eating and therefore eat less. The procedure will be completed while you're sedated. You will go home to start your weight loss journey on the same day.

Aspire Assist

The AspireAssist is an FDA-approved non-surgical weight loss solution for obese individuals. Unlike many other weight loss procedures, it’s reversible. The AspireAssist is an external pump that dumps part of the stomach contents into the toilet. This therapy is used in conjunction with lifestyle counseling. This program combines counseling and group support meetings to encourage increased physical activity, smaller portion sizes, and healthier food choices.

Endoscopic Sleeve

The endoscopic sleeve procedure is similar to the gastric sleeve surgery but is a non-surgical option. The procedure will reduce the size of your stomach. The endoscopic sleeve is a reversible procedure. In conjunction with exercise and diet, the procedure can result in weight loss ranging from 40 to 60 pounds. Not only does a patient see a decrease in body weight, but often related health problems such as sleep apnea, diabetes, and high blood pressure can improve after undergoing this procedure.

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