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Losing weight isn’t easy and the solution is often as complex as the reasons behind the issues leading to obesity.  Dr. Din is excited to be one of the first physician’s to be able to offer the nationally recognized ORBERA® Balloon Procedure and Weight Loss Program to individuals in the DC metro area.

In working with digestive diseases for the last 15 years, Dr. Din has seen a range of health issues, many of them stemming from excessive weight. Dr. Din has worked with thousands of patients to develop better nutrition plans and reduce their BMI, but has seen how what seems like a simple prescription to “just lose weight” is often an insurmountable goal for many.  After careful review of the medical literature around gastric balloon’s Dr. Din feels that the use of this non-invasive medical procedure coupled with 12 months of personalized nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coaching will be a life changer for patients committed to losing the weight and keeping it off who need his support to do so. 

Although the balloon is removed after six months and the initial program runs for 12 months, your renewed commitment to your own health is what will ultimately end your struggle with weight permanently.   We look forward to helping you get there!

If you would like to speak to someone in our office about ORBERA please call 1- 866-636-6074, or fill out the form below!